Apr 162004
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Science has taken another step towards resolving the nature vs nurture debate.

A summary of the details is available on The Register

For those of you who have access, the full article is available at Endocrinology which is one of the journals of The Endocrine Society.

This is not just some popcorn science magazine, either. From their ‘Instructions to Authors’:

Endocrinology policy requires each manuscript be reviewed by two to three individuals who are highly competent and recognized in the particular field of the submitted manuscript.

Under ‘About the Journal’ it says:

Endocrinology, the Society’s oldest journal, has defined the science of endocrinology for most of the twentieth century. One of the most authoritative biomedical research journals in the world, it publishes 6,000 pages annually of the highest quality original work ranging from subcellular mechanisms to whole animal physiology. Topics include bone and mineral; growth factors; reproductive/steroids; neuroendocrinology/signal transduction; thyroid; and physiology. The low manuscript acceptance rate of 30% reflects the degree to which it is committed to the highest scientific standard. In 2002, Endocrinology ranked 15th out of 88 journals in the ISI category of Endocrinology and Metabolism, with an Impact Factor of 5.095 (overall ranking: 249rd out of 5876).

So, aside from the fascinating data the researchers have provided, and the moral and ethical questions they pose (i.e. can you genetically engineer someone’s sexuality?), the most fascinating thing that I found out from this article?

The 8% of rams are gay.

Makes me wonder about UNC-CH’s mascot…

And where do you find two to three experts on gay sheep?