Jan 122009
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So, Tracy has still not had a bowel movement. took him in for an x-ray earlier today and he has, since surgery, managed to consume a straight pin and one of his surgical staples. *sigh* He now has an even bigger e-collar and we are watching him even more closely.

  5 Responses to “Failure to Learn…”

  1. oh no 🙁

  2. Sounds like that cat has self-destrctive tendencies.

  3. Sorry to hear that Tracy is being so difficult – without meaning to be, I’m sure. As for the straight pin the the surgical staple – wow, I used to complain about needing to dog-proof the house to keep the pups from getting into stuff but they’ve got nothing on your cat.

  4. Wow, just…wow! I am so sorry and I am still wishing him the bestest and fastest recovery.

  5. Oh dear! Hope he recovers soon.