Jul 162011
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Day 1 (Thursday): Up at 5 am for a 7am flight. It made sense when I booked it, but can’t remember why it made sense. Flight was uneventful except for this awful teen romance movie which ended in the main character being hit by a car. I guess they were trying to follow the Titanic model.
Landed at Logan, and caught the T to Government Center and wandered down to Fanieul Hall. Had several hours to kill with our bags so we took a trolley ride around the city. The driver was very knowledgeable and gave A a good base map of the city and gave me a refresher.
After we headed back to Quincy Market and grabbed some lunch. Rowan arrived, so we ditched our bags in her car and wandered the North End. We wandered through The Old North Church, but not the Old North Gift Shoppe, and Copps Hill Burial Ground. Had some fantastic Cannolli and Tiramasu cause well it’s the North End.
T’d over to Kenmore where I showed A and R my old apartment building. Then spent some time wandering through the Victory Gardens.
Headed to China Town for w very tasty dinner at Pho Pasteur then walked up to the Commons where we watched a toddler frolic with a puppy before heading back to the car and Rowan driving us to Abington and Kelly & Alastair’s place.

Next morning, Alastair gave us a ride to commuter rail and we met Rowan at the aquarium. We wound up getting City Passes and spent the morning in the Aquarium and seeing them perform surgery on an eel. Then we walked back to Quincy Market and had lunch at Durgin Park.
The trolley ride came with a Charles River Cruise so Rowan bought a ticket and we enjoyed that immensely. The gentleman giving the info had excellent patter, and I did not know Google Earth will give measurements in smoots.
We then headed to Coppley and strolled through the farmers market before heading to the Pru and spending a few hours enjoying the views at the sky walk.
Walled some of Newbury St and then took the T out to Brookline and had a sushi dinner. The unagi was tasty but did make me hope the eel at the aquarium survived the operation.

Wandered a bit of Copley then took Rowans car with us back to Abington as parking is better there. Got to Abington and fell asleep immediately.