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This blog originally started at Diary Land in April of 2002. In mid 2005, I moved to Live Journal. In January of 2009, I began posting here at and cross posting back to my Live Journal. While I like the social blogging feature of Live Journal, I also wanted to have a single and consistent web presence.It is my intent to import all of my old Live Journal & Diary Land posts into this blog.

I have owned for several years, and have used it in the past primarily for email addressing. I also have my photo gallery on the web site, courtesy of Zen Photo.  As of today, 19 January 2009, my Zen Photo installation is stand alone. At some future sate, I intend to integrate it into my Word Press so it is seamless.

I also use my web space to track my bookmarks, courtesy of ol’Bookmarks. At some point, I will also integrate those into the Word Press framework, either by porting them over or by  hacking the ol’Bookmarks style sheets.

I also use PHP Recipe Book to track my recipes, as I like to cook. I am unsure if I will continue to use PHP Recipe Book to track my recipes, or create a category structure and move them into Word Press. Stay tuned.

As of late November 2011, my page was hacked. It is in the process of being rebuilt and redesigned.