Feb 272009
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Not sure what got Garbo going, but something was in the front lawn. When I finally got her quieted down and on the leash, she was all over the lawn sniffing and searching and very alert. She did take off after a bunny at one point – my shoulder still aches – but I was somewhat prepared as she was so alert. She is laying quietly now, but if anything moves she is all alert – I shift in the couch, one of the cats twitches its tail, anything. I am hoping this does not last long and she falls to sleep soon.

I have lost count, but between the crud and now the dog, I seem to have woken up at 4am every day for the past two weeks. *sigh*

Jan 232009
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  1. As we are getting a new washer drier delivered on Saturday, tonight I have to clear the back hall and take down the shelving in the washer/drier closet (the old drier doesn’t…)
  2. Laundry! Two weeks behind due to the precursor to number 1
  3. Clean up the kitchen table & office and get on top of correspondence
  4. Get things back to normal now that Tracy is doing better (ok… he has been throwing up and has some hot spots where the e-collar was touching his skin, but better is apparently a relative phrase wrt Tracy…)
Jan 212009
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I have added a bunch of pictures to my gallery. I have been meaning to upload these for some time. These all, for the most part, link back to albums of pictures.

Here is Garbo and her Christmas present 100_0205

Here are some pictures of Garbo and Tracu all curled up togerther 100_0068

And some pictures of a muddy Garbo 100_0103

Here is Roawn with Garbo 100_0081 and 100_0082

Pictures from Thanksgiving at [ljuser]galeran[/ljuser] & [ljuser]splagxna[/ljuser] are here 100_0085

Pictures from our trip to the Outer Banks in December are here

And pictures from Joe & Michelle’s wedding (last weekend, in NY) are here 100_0204

Jan 192009
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Tracy is home, e-collar free, staple free, and freshly bathed! WOOT!

He is currently sitting under a chair in the living room grooming himself. He has also been nuzzling everything in site.

Happy kitty.

Jan 122009
 Monday, 12 January 2009  Posted by at 16:01 pets Tagged with:  5 Responses »

So, Tracy has still not had a bowel movement. took him in for an x-ray earlier today and he has, since surgery, managed to consume a straight pin and one of his surgical staples. *sigh* He now has an even bigger e-collar and we are watching him even more closely.