Jan 182009
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This past weekend I traveled to upstate NY for my best friend from high school’s wedding.

It actually started on Thursday, when the US Airways plane crashed into the Hudson. I had looked into flying that route and for some reason my brain had me flying US Air. Naturally, I was a tad freaked out.

On Friday, [ljuser]luciab[/ljuser] took me to the airport, and [ljuser]lukasbrierly[/ljuser] was working. I went to check in at US Air and they did not have my reservation. When I finally looked at my reservation, I discovered I was flying Continental.  Fortunately they are in the same terminal. I get myself checked in and through security and I have about 15 minutes before my plane boards. I grab a very expensive and very dry chicken sandwich. Blech.

The plain is a De Havilland Dash 8 – a turbo prop plane.  Seats about 80, but it is a prop plane so I feel every gust of wind, air pocket, sneeze, etc. It was a very loud and bumpy ride. We go to land and are about six feet above the ground when suddenly the plain takes off again hard. Turns out they were running crossing runways, and another plane was crossing our runway. A second attempt and we successfully land. Not a fun flight.

Get off the plane, change terminals, and have an argument with the gate agent. They want to bump me. And have me get in around 8:30, rather then the 5 o’clock I was scheduled to be there. I explain to them that no, I am not going to add stress to the groom who is coming to pick me up. I finally get boarded and have a relatively quiet flight. Joe picks me up and we cruise back to his house where I meet his fiance and her son. We have a pleasant evening chatting.

The next day, Saturday, Michelle goes off to get her hair and makeup and Joe and I get the kids and ourselves dressed and to the restaurant. Joe asks me if I will sign the license and make the toast and I tell him I am honored to do so.

The wedding ceremony is awesome. Fred, the priest, has everyone gather around close and both Joe and Michelle look amazingly happy throughout the ceremony. I sit next to Pam, another friend from High School, and Ursula, who is a very close friend of Joe.

After the wedding, I go back to Joe & Michelle’s for a little bit then I head over to Ursulla’s wine shop. She sends me off with a few bottles of wine, then I head to Joe’s old house where I spend the night.

I wake Sunday morning and there is two inches of accumulation with more snow coming down. The driver comes and gets me and as he drives I try and call the airline, and fail as they do not have a listed number. Finally get through to someone who confirms the flight is on time.

Get to the airport and checked in. The plane boards shortly after and we sit on the tarmac for 30 minutes until we are de-iced. Take off, and land a mere five minutes late. Sprint to the far side of the other terminal and grab a sandwich on the way. Get to the terminal and …. we are delayed. Two hours. Finally get on the plane as yup, its another prop job. Miserable flight to RDU – bumpy and noisy. [ljuser]argentlion[/ljuser] and [ljuser]elizabethnmafia[/ljuser] pick me up at the airport and take me home, where I fall asleep on the couch for a while.