Dec 152009
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Sunday night I started noticing little wet spots on the carpet and furniture. I was sure it was one of the cats as it was in the back of the house which is off limits to the dog.

Yesterday morning I hear a very loud yowl coming from Tracy. I go hunt him down and he is laying somewhere he never does, and when I try and pick him up he hisses at me. Tracy *never* hisses. He then gets up and lowly lumbers off to the back of the house. I call the vet while Adam follows him. The vet says they are full up and they can see him tomorrow but if we drop him off today they will squeeze him in. Adam & I decide to drop him off. Tracy has positioned himself under the bed in a way that requires lifting the mattress and box spring to get him. Adam catches him and puts him in the carrier and off to the vet I go.

I get to the vet and they give him a very quick once over and determine his bladder is quite distended. This bumps him to the front of the line. Some pain meds and tranquilizers and a catheter later and he is ding well. X-Ray showed a urethral blockage as well as some kidney stones.The blood work shows that we got him in early enough and his kidney function is fine.

Last night he pulled his catheter out, but seems to be passing fluids ok, so they did not re-catheterize him. Hopefully he can home tonight.

For those wondering, it was 2 January 2009 (almost a full year) that Tracy first went in for his last major medical issue.

Jan 272009
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Not sure if this will come through on LJ… courtesy of Wired’s Tech Layoff Tracker