Nov 302009
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Yes, I am alive….

A & I hosted any of our friends who had no place to go for Thanksgiving. We had 23 people. Fortunately, it was a nice day so we were able to eat out on the deck.

We made stuffed dates, a turkey (using Alton Brown’s recipe), roasted yams & squash, two types of stuffing, and roasted green beans. In addition, Guenievre brought a smoked duck, vennison, and two types of rolls. And everyone else brought sides and deserts – I cant remember who brought what to list them out. The important thing is that everything was delicious, food was plentiful, and everyone had a good time.

Around 8pm I got a call from Galleron & Rae. It was a very nice surprise.

Unfortunately, all of our guests failed to properly tire out Garbo who was up and at em early Friday and demanding a walk and park time. People, she is supposed to sleep for three days after that much activity….

The rest of the weekend was pretty good. A had to work on Friday & Saturday but we had Sunday together.

Jan 292009
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No, not as in hockey…

Adam baked a cake yesterday. From scratch. Two layers of chocolate cake spritzed down with Cointreau then a layter of home made chocolate icing, and then completely frosted with more of the home made chocolate icing. It was yummy! Just ask [ljuser]spyderbug[/ljuser] and [ljuser]syaldia[/ljuser].

One problem. He made too much frosting. Way too much frosting. So, if you are planning to back anything some time soon and need some frosting, please let us know. We will be more then happy to give you some. Or your friends and neighbors. Please?