Apr 012009
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You know whats good about not shopping for your veggies until you need them? You get fresh veggies and things dont rot in the refrigerator as you work your way through your week’s menu.

You know whats bad about not shopping for your veggies until you need them? You have to run to the store all the time. Well, whats a day without a visit to Harris Teeter?

Last night, I went home, grabbed Garbo, ran to A’s work to bring him something, then off to the dog park. My plan was to get home before A left work, decide on whic menu item I was going to cook and when A called to say he was leaving work send him to the store.

What happened instead? At the dog park someone grabs the ball from Garbo and tries to hand it to me. Part of her game at the park is to not give the ball to me, and actively keep me from getting it. I step forward to grab it and *WHAM* a dog that was running at full speed crashes into my leg. Totally my fault – I didn’t look before I stepped out and well, its a dog park not a human park… dogs are supposed to run at high speed. Fortunately, I didn’t go down or do any serious damage. And the dog bounced off my leg and kept on going like nothing happened, a sthey usually do. But, for the rest of the night, my leg hurt. Especially when I put weight on it.

So, by the time I collected Garbo and limped home, A was calling to sya he was leaving work before I even got in the door. Best laid plans, right? I could not even begin to contemplate going shopping for ingredients, then standing in the kitchen and cooking on my leg. So, Chinese take out it was. Sesame chicken – yum!

Today my leg feels fine.