Feb 202009
 Friday, 20 February 2009  Posted by at 18:25 life Tagged with: ,  No Responses »

See if you can follow…

I reach for a pot lid… it falls and knocks my glasses off my face and cuts my eye lid, then bounces off my face and knocks over the flowers A got me for valentines, causing the vase to go smash all over the floor.

Already sick as a dog with the crud, now with a cut over my eye and my eye swollen, and having to pick glass off the floor. Can I have a do-over?

Jan 302009
 Friday, 30 January 2009  Posted by at 16:12 life Tagged with: , ,  No Responses »

Is a funny thing… got back from lunch and within 30 minutes could feel it crashing. Not like I didnt eat a good lunch.

Oh, well, an excuse for chocoloate & peanut butter. Like I really need an excuse….