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Your results:
You are Geordi LaForge

Geordi LaForge
An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
Jean-Luc Picard
Deanna Troi
James T. Kirk (Captain)
Beverly Crusher
Leonard McCoy (Bones)
Mr. Scott
Will Riker
Mr. Sulu
You work well with others and often
fix problems quickly. Your romantic
relationships are often bungled.

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May 112009
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– Been an officer? (Local, Regional, Kingdom, Society?) – Canton Seneschal (current), Baronial Exchequer, Deputy Kingdom Exchequer, Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for Communications
– Do you have an SCA name? – Yes, Nikulai Ivanovich
– Do you have an SCA persona? – Sort of…
– Changed persona because of different garb? – Nope
– Been adopted by a person, household or clan? – Prior to being elevated, I was protege to Mistress Stephania Herring. I am also a member of HOuse Flaming Bolt
– Had a name and/or device accepted by the SCA College of Arms? – Yep
– Had a name and/or device rejected by the SCA College of Arms? – Yes, and I am still angry with the college of heralds as it was their fault.
– Have rank higher than an Award of Arms? – Yes, I have a Patent of Arms

– Been an Event Steward/Autocrat? – Yep, just once or twice…
– Kingdom level or local level? – Local, Kingdom, Inter-Kingdom
– Cooked an Event? – Nope – have thought about it
– Taught a class at an event? – Yup, Atlantia University and Pennsic
– Run an activity at an event? – Does MOL and Gate/Troll/Reservation-ocrat

– Ever fought at an event? – Nope
– Ever fought at Pennsic or another War? – Nope
– Done a different martial art at an event? – Nope
– Ever run a martial activity at an event? – Nope
– Fought at an event tourney? – Nope
– Ever fought in a Crown Tourney? – Nope
– Won a tourney or contest at an event? – Nope
– Made your own armor? – Nope
– Made your own weapons? – Nope
– Been a squire? – Nope
– Have rank as an archer? – Nope
– Have rank as a fencer? – Nope
– Created a seige weapon? – Talked about it

– Have you ever entered an A&S contest? – Yes
– Have you ever won an A&S contest? – Yes, and become Kingdom Brewer
– Ever run an A&S contest? – No
– Ever judge/critique items in an A&S contest? – Yes
– Ever Wordsmithed a scroll? – No
– Illuminated a scroll? – No
– Done the Calligraphy for a scroll? – No
– Made your own paper? – No
– Made a book? – Yes, in a class at K’Berg
– Make someone’s order medallion? – No
– Write someone in for an award? – Just a few – after all, an autocrat’s job isn’t done until the award recs are in
– Have you ever sewn your own garb? – No
– Sewn Garb for others? – No
– Ever been sewing on the way to an event? – No
– Ever finished an outfit before an event? – No
– Researched and completed an outfit from said research? – No
– Ever taught a class on sewing? – No
– Finished a hat? – No
– Do you know how to spin? – No
– Ever woven your own fabric? – No
– Do you know how to knit? -  No
– Do you know how to crochet? – Yes, actually from summer camp
– Have you ever dyed your own yarn or fabric? – No
– Embroidered a garment? – No
– Beaded a garment? – No
– Ever entertained at a feast? No
– Ever ran a bardic circle? – No
– Ever performed in a bardic circle? – Yes
– Had songs requested from you at such? – A story, not a song
– Ever competed in a formal bardic? – No
– Know any period songs? – No
– Been banned from a bardic circle for a song/performance, or have a piece you perform banned/controlled? – No

– Ran a court as Royalty (King/Queen or Baron/Baroness)? – No
– Ran a court as Herald? – Yes
– Heralded at Court? – Yes
– Been an Attendant, Guard or Champion at court? – Yes
– Been called to court to receive an award, if so which one/s? – Yes -s ee my awards above
– Been called to court to present something, if so what? – As autocrat
– Been called to court for punishment? or other redress of grievances? – No
– Been part of a court ‘shtick?’ – No
– Done something while watching court, e.g. embroider, if so what? – carved a casting mold
– Had a royal comment on what you’re doing? – Yes, when I asked Her Majesty not to allow Her retainers to throw someone in the lake when my name was on the site contract
– Have awards from more than one Kingdom? – No

– Have you ever gone to Pennsic? – Yes
– Ever done Zero Night? – Qua?
– How many Pennsics have you gone too? – 8?
– Ever Taught a class at Pennsic? – Yes, Troll 101 Life Under The Bridge
– Taken a class at Pennsic? – Yes
– Gone to Opening ceremonies? – Yes, a couple of times
– Been a waterbearer? – Yes
– Worked a shift at Chirurgeons Point at Pennsic? – No
– Worked a shift as security at Pennsic? – Yes. Thursday night dispatch is a lot of fun
– Volunteered in any other capacity? – Yes, troll
– Ever merchanted at Pennsic (we’ll take shopping as a given)? – No
– Gone to the swimming hole Classic or family? – Yes, just to find them
– ‘Trolled the Bog for parties?’ – No
– Hosted a party at Pennsic? – My camp has
– Been part of a ‘Pennsic building project’? – Yes

– Ever traveled more than 8 hours each way for a one day event? – No
– Gone to a different Kingdom for an event? – Yes
– Lived in a different Kingdom? – Not while I was playing
– Have trailer hitch and trailer, mainly because of the SCA? – No
– What ridiculous lengths you’ve gone to get to an event? – Did a weekend of Pennsic once. Flew to Kentucky for Border Raids.

– Run out of closet space because of garb/gear? – No
– Ever crammed more than 4 people into a hotel room? – Yes
– Met your future spouse at an SCA event? – No
– Met most past significant others in an SCA setting? – No
– Have better research books than your library? – Some of them
– Is your tent bigger than your first apartment? – Not quite, but close

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You Are a Lynx

You are a quiet observer of the world around you. Your wisdom comes from listening carefully.
You’ve always been extra sensitive and aware. And it’s made it difficult for you to fit in.

You see past people’s outward personas. You are able to penetrate a stranger’s soul.
What you’ve learned about people is both beautiful and ugly. And you keep these secrets to yourself.

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I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I’m a

Romantic Extroverted De-Clutterer