Mar 142009
 Saturday, 14 March 2009  Posted by at 10:36 geek, misc Tagged with: , , , ,  No Responses »

According to Google Analytics, the main search term that drives people to my site ( is:

Google Analytics Keywords

Google Analytics Keywords

In fact, if you do search for powered by zen photo, I am the third hit:

Google Search for powered by zen photo

Google Search for powered by zen photo

This makes me wonder several things:

  1. Should I fix it so Zenphoto is one word like its supposed to be, or keep it wrong so it drives traffic to my site?
  2. Am I stuck with Zenphoto forever since I am one of the top hits?
  3. Why do I care about this?

No answers …. only questions…

Jan 212009
 Wednesday, 21 January 2009  Posted by at 14:30 people, pets, pictures Tagged with: , , ,  No Responses »

I have added a bunch of pictures to my gallery. I have been meaning to upload these for some time. These all, for the most part, link back to albums of pictures.

Here is Garbo and her Christmas present 100_0205

Here are some pictures of Garbo and Tracu all curled up togerther 100_0068

And some pictures of a muddy Garbo 100_0103

Here is Roawn with Garbo 100_0081 and 100_0082

Pictures from Thanksgiving at [ljuser]galeran[/ljuser] & [ljuser]splagxna[/ljuser] are here 100_0085

Pictures from our trip to the Outer Banks in December are here

And pictures from Joe & Michelle’s wedding (last weekend, in NY) are here 100_0204