Apr 062010
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From one of my colleagues in Poland:

Well, I don’t know why but that brings a memory of what I read about Lord of the rings….

You see, back in the communist era, there were people that were writing things aligned to what the party’s doctrine was and so some idiot wrote a review of the LotR

And so in his review, sauron was a poor land owner who was struggling with adverse actions lead by the revolutionary hobbits who were ugly sinners because they were so close with each other and wanted to grab Sauron’s land.

Totally skewed view of the whole book. Now, it’s entertaining to read, hehe.

Aug 202009
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Yesterday at lunch, a group of us are sitting together and M comes and joins us with a meatball sub. She is taking it out of the wrapper and one of the meatballs starts to fall. She catches it and as she does so says ‘I lost my poor meatball.’

Now, M is Canadian and had a *very* puzzled look when I commented that no one sneezed. The entire table then broke out into a chorus of ‘On Top of Spaghetti’ further confusing and amusing the Canadian among us.

This then prompted B to ask how, prior to the internet age and forwarded emails, viral videos, etc. things like On Top of Spaghetti became as ubiquitous as they did. We all paused for a moment as we considered this, and then the conversation moved on.

Any thoughts?

Aug 132009
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Admin: “You know those supplies you had me order last November?”

Me: “Ummmm….. maybe…..”

Admin: “They just came in.”

I feel really bad for Bob, as he had a light bulb in that order.

Apr 062009
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My office is located in the American Tobacco Historic District. Every day at noon and again at 3:30 they sound the whistle, just as they did in the nineteenth and early to mid-twentyth century when this was a working tobacco factory.

Every day until today that is. Today, it goes off at 11 and then at 2:30. Took a minute to realize that it was the wrong time (usually I dont even hear it) and then to figure out that whatever software drives the whistle must still be set to use the old daylight savings time rules.

Wonder how long it take sthem to get it fixed….

Mar 182009
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4am again… *sigh*

Yesterday was a good day overall. The workshop was very productive.

I also now know more about how the cuts will work for my group. Should know by the end of April.

Jan 202009
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That describes my attempt to get to the office this morning. I made it about 3 miles, and then turned around. It took me forty minutes to get back home.

Why did I try? Well, I didn’t take my work laptop home before my long weekend, so my plan was to go get my laptop and work from home.

Why even work from home? Isn’t it a snow day? Because, despite the State Police asking people to stay off the roads, our site management decided that we should be open for normal business.